New Seth Ciferri Modern Classic Shader
New Seth Ciferri Modern Classic Shader

New Seth Ciferri Modern Classic Shader

$579.00 AUD

New Seth Ciferri Modern Classic Shader!

After many years, Seth has given his Classic Liner and Shader some major updates, reworking the entire frame and geometry to create this Modern Classic. With sculpted curves, various subtractions and additions, these aluminum frames are done right so there is no extra twang or vibration. Leaving the user with a highly functional, lightweight, forward balanced machine, easy on the wrist and appealing to the eyes. An all around Workhorse with a modern touch.

Technical Specs:

  • Lightweight CNC Cut Aluminum Frame
  • Highly Durable, Oxidation Resistant Anodized Finish
  • Deluxe Blackened Steel Hardware, including Pinch Tightening Front Binder and Inlaid Steel Rear Binder for a Better Connection
  • Side Facing Guillotine Vise, great for use with Disposable and Steel Tubes
  • Inlaid 1/4" Iron Coil Yoke for Better Performance and Less Vibration
  • 1" 8 Wrap T-top Coils
  • Medium Speed with a Solid Hit
  • Running 105-110 Hz at 6V Unloaded
  • Pushing 5's to 11's No Problem
  • Weighing in at a mere 5.5 ounces!
  • Designed, Built, and Tuned by Seth Ciferri
  • As always, MADE IN THE USA