Joshua Bowers Micro-Liner
Joshua Bowers Micro-Liner

Joshua Bowers Micro-Liner

$599.00 AUD
Joshua Bowers Micro-Liner Rotary Tattoo Machine

We are very excited to welcome Joshua Bowers to the Workhorse team with his Micro and Big Can Rotary machines! Joshua has been tattooing for 13 years, building machines for 11 and specifically building and dialing in his Rotary machines for the last 5 years. He is a great addition to our lineup with his years of artistic experience and wealth of knowledge in machine dynamics and functionality.

A Few Words From Joshua about this machine:
This machine is designed,built and tuned to run like a coil machine. The tuning is in the frame geometry and setup so there's no knobs or settings to fall out of adjustment. Ready to tattoo out of the box. Light, but not too light. Very punchy and snappy on the tip of the stroke and backs off slightly in the middle of the stroke. Great for sculpting fine finesse lines ran off the needle tips and also great for burying a large grouping liner and pulling a solid single pass lines quickly.

- CNC Single Piece Body
- Black Zinc Finish
- Deluxe Brass Hardware
- Weighing 3.5 oz
- Runs best between 6-7 Volts
- Pushes any grouping with ease